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We knew we were being overserviced but didn’t have the resources to monitor our waste levels on a consistent basis. Archstone provided the tools we needed to stop unnecessary scheduled pickups and switch to on-demand pickups.

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Efficient waste management is no longer an optional component of your business strategy—it’s a fundamental necessity for every responsible, forward-thinking organization. Archstone presents a comprehensive platform that redefines the way waste management works. Our compactor monitoring tools are a key component of this waste management solution.

Our innovative solution, designed meticulously after understanding the nuances of various waste management needs, aims to convert the waste management sector from an inefficient, reactive system to a proactive, smart and cost-effective operation.

In the current scenario, waste collection largely operates on a predetermined schedule. However, this “scheduled pickup” method doesn’t take into account the varying amounts of waste generated daily. Some days your compactor might be nearly empty, and other days it might be overflowing. This leads to a suboptimal service, where you pay for more than you use, or risk operational interruptions due to full compactors.

The Archstone Waste Management Solution brings you the power of data to resolve this long-standing issue. By monitoring your waste levels in real-time, our solution helps you know exactly when your compactor reaches its optimal fill level, signaling for an on-demand pickup. This revolutionary approach empowers you to streamline your waste management process, ensuring pick-ups only when necessary, and saving you valuable resources in the process.

But that’s not all. By accurately tracking your waste levels, our solution also helps you better understand your waste generation patterns, allowing you to make informed decisions about your waste handling processes. This deeper insight can lead to better recycling practices and help you achieve your sustainability goals—making your business not just efficient, but also environmentally responsible.

Apart from these direct benefits, Archstone’s Waste Management Solution also mitigates the risk of overservicing from your waste vendor. With the traditional scheduled pick-up system, waste vendors often service compactors that are not full, charging you for a full service regardless of the actual waste level. By switching to an on-demand pickup system, you pay only for the service you need. This not only saves you significant costs but also ensures that your waste vendor’s resources are used more efficiently—contributing to a more sustainable waste management ecosystem.

In this era, where sustainable practices and resource efficiency are not just desired but expected, the Archstone Waste Management Solution stands as a game-changing proposition. It guarantees better financial stewardship, optimized operations, and a substantial step towards your sustainability goals—all with one smart solution.

Don’t let your business be a victim of inefficient waste management and overservicing. Take control with the Archstone Waste Management Solution. Reach out to us today to learn how we can transform your waste management operations. Let Archstone make waste management the least of your worries, so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.

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