The Vendor Audit

Transparency delivered through in-depth analysis and oversight



The vendor audit is the key to quickly recovering lost capital. Our proprietary algorithms, coupled with our in-depth healthcare industry experience, provides the valuable insight required when analyzing a hospital’s vendor landscape. Our team of seasoned professionals recapture overpayments made to vendors while working to improve cash cycle operations

Errors, fraud, or inconsistencies in the vendor payment process can lead to significant financial loss over time. By conducting a thorough audit, these potential pitfalls are proactively identified and corrected. The audit also exposes any systemic flaws in the organization’s internal control architecture that may lead to repetitive mistakes, helping businesses optimize their operations for increased accuracy and efficiency.

The vendor audit also uncovers opportunities for cost savings. By scrutinizing vendor contracts and invoices, an audit can identify overpayments, erroneous payments, or opportunities for supplier discounts that might otherwise go unnoticed.


  • Contract Compliance
  • Erroneous Payments
  • Overpayments
  • Missed Rebates
  • Warranty Coverage
  • Discount Accuracy
  • Returned Product Reimbursements

Contract Compliance

Our contract compliance audit is driven by industry insight, vendor familiarity, and machine learning. Our use of big data and cutting edge artificial intelligence models have provided breakthroughs in vendor transparency and contract compliance.

How are we able to do what we do?

Archstone’s use of technology is unrivaled amongst the competition. Our founding belief was that there is a better way to conduct audits for hospitals, and we discovered those methods. Archstone’s audit methodology is centered around the client, we won’t conduct audits that interrupt client business operations. Our data driven audit is centered around our use of a proprietary cloud-based audit platform allows for our services to yield great results, while being nearly invisible to our clients. Exactly what customers want in an audit firm.

While all audit firms focus on the recovery, Archstone also wants to know how the overpayment occurred to begin with. Our team has in-depth practical knowledge of hospital operations and internal controls. On every overpayment, Archstone provides a thorough report on how to curtail the issue from occurring in the future. Our team doesn’t just want to recover the money, we want to prevent the problem from arising again in the future.

Results you can rely on

Archstone’s audit suite is designed to provide customers with quick financial reimbursement from vendors. Our program focuses on getting a majority of the recovered capital back into the client’s hands within 90 calendar days. Archstone’s audit team provides clients with routine reports that focus on areas of concern and key performance indicators to be mindful of.

The beauty of our audit process is that we only get paid on credits, or checks, that are given to the hospital based on our efforts. If we don’t find anything, we don’t bill the customer.

If we don’t find anything, we don’t bill the customer.

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