Archstone Advisory

Waste Management

Our waste management solution drives down the cost of waste in hospitals nationwide. Our holistic approach tackles waste costs from multiple angles. Our team focuses on right sizing operations, contract negotiations, strategic sourcing, and load monitoring as key elements to our overall approach.

Our team has decades of experience in healthcare, and in waste management. The solutions we offer are custom tailored on a customer by customer basis. We offer Guaranteed savings with cost reduction plans that fit your hospital’s waste needs.

Keys to Success: 

  • Load Monitoring
  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Transparency
  • Process Efficiency
  • Price Visibility
  • Process Right-sizing
  • Bogus Fee Avoidance
On average, our waste management team delivers savings of 37% based on our waste management plans. Contact us to get a no risk assessment of your current waste landscape, and lets see how Archstone can save money for your organization. 

Waste Categories

Solid Waste

Regulated Medical Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste

Controlled Substances

Document Destruction

Linens & Textiles

Hazardous Waste

Sharps Management

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