Archstone Advisory Solutions

Leveraging experience and insight to drive savings for your organization

The Archstone Advisory Service is a comprehensive solution designed to deliver significant cost savings in multiple healthcare expense categories. We leverage our vast industry experience, innovative strategies, and technology-driven methodologies to help hospitals identify and exploit opportunities for cost reductions in product procurement, service acquisition, and a variety of other expense categories.

At the heart of our approach is strategic sourcing. Our team of seasoned experts, with an average of 30 years of experience in healthcare operations, conducts rigorous market analysis, supplier assessments, and risk evaluations. This enables us to identify optimal sources for products and services, ensuring high-quality resources while significantly reducing expenditures. Our sourcing strategies are designed not only to deliver immediate cost savings but also to establish sustainable procurement processes that yield long-term financial benefits.

In addition, our service extends to process refinement. We closely analyze the operational workflows within hospital supply chains to identify areas of inefficiency or wastage. Whether it’s redundancies in the procurement process, bottlenecks in the supply chain, or misaligned inventory management practices, we devise tailored solutions to address these issues. Our team uses data-driven decision-making and lean methodologies to streamline processes and eliminate waste, driving operational efficiency and, in turn, cost savings.

The value of our service is rooted in our deep industry knowledge. Our advisors are not just supply chain specialists, but also seasoned healthcare professionals. This dual expertise allows us to navigate the unique challenges of healthcare procurement, from regulatory complexities to the particularities of medical equipment and supplies. We don’t just understand the supply chain; we understand healthcare. This intimate knowledge of the industry is our key differentiator and forms the basis of our effective, tailored solutions.

Our advisory service offers a multifaceted solution to optimize hospital supply chains, leveraging strategic sourcing, skilled contract negotiation, process refinement, and streamlined operations. With our deep industry knowledge and unwavering commitment to delivering cost savings, we provide our hospital partners with a service that not only enhances their bottom line but also contributes to the sustainability and quality of their healthcare provision.

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