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Archstone is a leading healthcare audit and advisory firm specializing in cost management solutions and hospital overpayment identification and reconciliation. With more than a decade of experience, our expert management team excels at leveraging cross-industry insights to develop innovative strategies for maximizing hospital savings. We are committed to healthcare cost reduction, expense management solutions, and vendor activity audits, setting us distinctly apart in the competitive landscape. If you’re a healthcare institution seeking sustainable financial efficiency, Archstone is your go-to partner for long-term savings and capital recapture.

What we offer

Vendor Oversight

The Archstone vendor audit is the key to quickly recovering lost capital for hospitals. Our proprietary algorithms coupled with deep industry knowledge provides us with valuable insight into a hospital's vendor landscape.

State and Local Tax Mitigation

Archstone Management provides a comprehensive tax audit that focuses on reducing erroneous tax payments made to vendors and state tax agencies. We recover historical overpayments and provide quality, up-to-date information to help reduce those incidences going forward.

Go-Forward Expense Reduction

At Archstone, we employ strategic cost management techniques, carefully tailored to each healthcare institution, to not only identify but also sustain long-term savings, making us an invaluable partner in your financial health

Overpayment Protection

Archstone's vendor audit platform rigorously identifies, reconciles, and recovers erroneous payments, fortifying your hospital's financial integrity and freeing up vital resources for enhanced patient care.

What our clients say...

  • We knew COVID caused problems with our vendors, what we didn't know was how much those problems cost us. Archstone recovered a tremendous amount of money lost during that time.​
Corporate CFO
6 hospital IDN
  • We always bring Archstone in when we suspect there is a problem with a vendor. They provide resources that we just don't have access to.​
Director of Supply Chain
California hospital
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