State & Local Tax Solutions

Healthcare Specific Sales & Use Tax Expertise

Archstone’s Sales & Use Tax competencies protect organizations from overpayments, while providing clients with strategic sales and use tax information.

Sales and use tax is an integral part of any organization’s payables. It is a complex matter that involves multiple state regulations and procedures. Many complex product and service exemptions are overlooked by companies, resulting in significant overpayments. It is imperative these payments are routinely reviewed to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

Archstone Management provides a comprehensive audit that focuses on reducing erroneous tax payments made to vendors and state tax agencies. We recover historical overpayments and provide quality, up-to-date information to help reduce those incidences going forward. Archstone will also work with our customers to implement proper procedures and controls to ensure accuracy in tax payments.

Archstone works diligently with our clients to eliminate risk of unnecessary tax exposure. In addition to an audit, Archstone provides services for state audit defenses and item master tax coding. The correct item master tax codes are essential in reducing sales and use tax overpayments.

Audit Scope

  • – Invoice Tax Payments
  • – State Agency Tax Payments
  • – Service Contract Tax Exposure
  • – Capital Equipment Purchases

Services Scope

  • – State Audit Defense
  • – Liability Mitigation
  • – Item Master Tax Coding
  • – Vendor Tax Monitoring


  • – Reduction of Tax Exposure
  • – Overpayment Reconciliation
  • – Tax Savings Planning
  • – On-Call Tax Advice